VBR-PDW-Sidearm copyright violation Activision


Roeselare (Belgium) 16-07-2018

File: VBR-PDW-Activision third warning letter

Licence VBR-PDW-Sidearm for Activision Blizzard Inc.

Mr. Bobby Kotick

CEO Activision Blizzard, Inc

3100 Ocean Park Boulevard

Santa Monica, California 90405

United States

Dear Sir,

Despites our countless efforts to reach Activision I like to inform you that your company use unauthorized reproduction of our VBR-PDW-Sidearm.

As you will notice out the screenshots in annex, your successful computer game Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare making use of my PDW sidearm design.

This VBR-PDW-Sidearm is not yet on the market, which means that the whole concept from the first drawings to the use in the game Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is based on picture copies of our original VBR-PDW Sidearm .

The VBR-Belgium PDW-Sidearm is my development where there apply copyrights and these may not be violated certainly not for industrial or commercial purposes. The 3-D performance used in your computer games are all based on picture copies of my original VBR-PDW Sidearm, which is my possession. This is not authorized by me and your company do not dispose about a written permission to do this. No one of your representatives has contacted me with a request for a permission. By this way, your company makes a copyright violation in several ways regarding my work as inventor, designer, investor  and owner of the PDW-Sidearm model.

As the Activision company is a publicly traded company, which owns also very much copyrights of their own, I assume it is not your intentions to steal the work of another inventor with the goal to make huge profits without compensation. As owner and developer of the VBR-Belgium PDW-Sidearm I would like to give you a chance to comply with the copyright demands of the VBR-Belgium PDW-Sidearm and suggest your company to buy a license for the use of my PDW-sidearm design in your computer games.

In annex I put a pro forma invoice for a license which after payment allows your company Activision Blizzard Inc. to use the VBR-Belgium PDW Sidearm in all your video games from the past on the market to the next year after invoice date. This license must be renewed every year as long you bring these games on the market.

I hope to avoid legal confrontation and a quick settlement for the copyright license of the VBR-PDW-Sidearm.

Yours sincerely

Rik Van Bruaene

Manager VBR-Belgium


Since all our emails and letters send to the addresses mentioned at the Activision website and there subsidiaries websites like Activision Blizzard where completely ignored, we start to take the legal steps and efforts to take the computer game Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare out the market. These copyright violation are a multinational company like Activision unworthy and the infringement of our right with the goal to make huge profits without any compensation is a legal offense!

1) Why buy a license

The designing, development and the production of the VBR PDW sidearm has cost a lot of efforts and money. The license fee which you have to pay is only a fair fee for the designing costs of the VBR-PDW Sidearm.

2) Van Bruaene Rik

Van Bruaene Rik is the official registered business name of Rik Van Bruaene from VBR-Belgium and has a VAT number BE0530.876.842 in Belgium. Rik Van Bruaene is the designer and owner of the VBR-PDW Sidearm rights. This is mentioned all over the whole internet. I have several websites and contact addresses and I was always reachable. We accept no excuse that Activision could not reach us!

3) What if Activision retreat the computer games Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare from the market.

Activision has used the VBR PDW Sidearm model without my permission in the computer games Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. This is a violation of my copyrights. Even if you decide not to use the PDW Sidearm anymore in the new computer games then you still are guilty of compensation for the use of the PDW model in the computer games from the past.

4) What if somebody else has made the computer game with the VBR PDW Sidearm.

Under the copyright laws, your company is liable for all images they use and publishing in your computer games, even if these are made by a third company.

5) What if Activision use images or designs of a third party.

Even if Activision use the images or designs from a third company in their computer games, you should verify in advance if this is correct concerning copyrights. Your company is responsible for the models, images and designs which they use in there computer games. Even if you have obtained this info by a third company.

6) We found the pictures and technical info via Google images.

The pictures that you can find on Google Images are often copyright protected, as mentioned by Google “Images may be subject to copyright” It is the responsibility of your company to make sure that they dispose about a license before your use pictures or images of our PDW Sidearm in your computer games.

7) There was no mention of copyright on the pictures of the PDW Sidearm.

The fact that the owner is not mentioned on a picture does not mean that the owner give up his copyrights. There is no obligation to mention the copyright logo  of “copyright” at a work of design. The copyright is automatically in progress for the owner or designer of a work and must be respected even is his name is not mentioned at a picture or images.