Stabbings in London

The amount of fatal stabbings in London has never be so high as it is now the least year 2019. The Metropolitan Police and local workers do everything to reduce knife crime, however with disappointing results. The problem of knife caring teenagers is much more complex then only gang and drugs related stabbings.

At first caring a knife has become a fashion phenomenon to brag and impress other peers. You do not belong to the top of the group if you don’t carry a knife. Current stop and search carried out by the Metropolitan Police take some knifes of the street, but these are quickly replaced and make the fashion contest even more adorable.

The most common argument to carry a knife is for self-defense. While a knife is rater a poorly efficient tool for self-defense, still the presence of a defending knife has a discouraging effect on the opponent or other gang members. If the opponent is only one persons the two hand grabbing technique of the knife caring limb is far more effective for self-defense, in this situation using a knife for self-defense can only lead to cutting or stabbing wounds. However, it has no since to be blind and consider a teenage boy or girl capable of an efficient self-defense against an assaulting knife wielding gang. Teenagers hanging out in groups. So the most stabbing assaults happen by a group who attacking a single teenager.

In London the most stab victims are young black and minority ethnic teenage boys and men, mostly living in poor economical conditions, however this is rather connected to the racial composition of the pore neighborhoods. In other cities also victims of the Caucasian race are murdered in knife crime. Of course there is also knife crime related to gang and drugs delicts, but here we see that drugs dealers already carry stab proof vest as self-defense next to an impressive kitchen knife. Of course more successful drugs dealers carry a stab and bullet proof vest.

Next to all kind of social, juridical and political solution to combat knife crime in order to reduce the amount of fatal stabbings, maybe we can look what does really work in the streets of London for  self-defense. Drugs gangs do already carry a stab or bulletproof vest next to their offensive weapon, that is the most cases an impressive pocket knife. However, we still see that this kind of body armour does relay work and contribute to there survival.

Must this effective way to prevent fatal stabbings not been expand to the broad public in order to prevent injuries and homicide among so many victims?

Of course homicide get the most attention in the media, but there are far more teens slashed by knives then there are teens stabbed to death. For teens, “near me school” is the most dangerous place to be slashed by blades.

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