Origin of the VBR PDW Sidearm

Origin of the  PDW-Sidearm Flanders Military Industries

Flanders Military Industries

Rik Van Bruaene


8800 Roeselare


Flemish weapon project

The PDW Sidearm was originally developed in Roeselare (the north sea side of Belgium) and was intended to support the rise of the Flemish Arms Industry. That is why the FSDIP lion (Symbol of Flemish Survival & Defense Industries) was depicted on the handgrip of the first original PDW -Sidearm drawings. At that time, the job of employment for the region was considered as important and the PDW-Sidearm project was at that time developed under the name FMI (Flanders Military Industries).

Prototype of the VBR – PDW-Sidearm with original FMI user manual. (VBR stands for Van Bruaene Rik the original in Belgium registered company name)

  1. PDW upper with barrel, charging handle, extractable buttstock and aiming devices
  2. Bolt assembly with spring

  3. PDW under with trigger assembly
  4. Glock magazines
  5. Assemble pin

Original drawing of the main groups of the PDW-Sidearm from the first FMI manual.

The 4 main assembly groups of the PDW-Sidearm

With the original PDW-Sidearm design, the front handle was provided hollow where a light and a lazer could be mounted.

PDW-Sidearm with accessories for different aiming devices

On the screen you can clearly see the FSDIP lion in the handgrip of the VBR-PDW-Sidearm (anno 2002)