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Protect yourself against a stabbing

We are sad at every death of a stabbing, especially because they did not wear any of our protective clothing. Attacks with knives are pretty common and the protective clothing is available online or in our store. Protect yourself against stabbings!

Stabbings in London

The truth about stab proof clothing

Safe yourself from fatally stabbings buy stab proof clothing

Kevlar T-shirts from VBR-Belgium

Kevlar T-shirts are still appreciated by many young people, albeit as cheap cut-resistant protection for young security agents, security guards or a bit of rough party numbers. Kevlar T-shirts are also known with every motard as protection against burns and abrasions when falling with the motorcycle.

Black Cotton-Kevlar T-shirt VBR-Belgium
Thin 3-WAY black Kevlar -shirt VBR-Belgium

VBR-Belgium is a manufacturer of Kevlar T-shirts and can deliver at the request of the customer. There is also the possibility to have the Kevlar T-shirts printed with a logo of choice from 20 pieces.