Cut resistant gray T-shirt Cutyarn-Coolmesh VBR-Belgium

Price = 178 Euro

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Typical gray cut-resistant T-shirt from Cutyarn from VBR-Belgium with a soft Coolmesh. This is a luxury product that is very soft and pleasant to wear. Only two layers thick and gives a fresh feeling. Good cut resistant protection against an attack with a knife or broken glass.

Typical gray cut-resistant T-shirt like many gray slash resistant T-shirts on the market, but then from VBR-Belgium with excellent quality. This is not a cheap miscarriage as many cheap gray cut-resistant T-shirts are sold online. This is a top product from VBR-Belgium with an excellent finish and a soft comfortable Coolmesh lining.

Cheap dump products do not have an internal lining which causes friction with the skin that causes hard to heal friction wounds under the armpits, arms and sides of the chest.

This new VBR-Belgium cut-resistant T-shirt has a fresh protective interior Coolmesh lining that ensures that no friction wounds can occur.

This inner protective lining is made from a black active Coolmax fabric that includes a moisture management system that further perspiration away from the body and vaporizes the body fluid quickly, making the wearer feel cooler and more comfortable. The direct contact with the Coolmesh on the skin has a fresh feeling that is highly appreciated during the summer. This cut-resistant T-shirt from VBR-Belgium can be worn both under and above the clothing.

This product is the solution for personal protection by police, security and emergency services, youth and the environment and dangerous occupations with risk of cuts such as the glass processing industry.

Injury due to aggression with sharp objects can largely be prevented and limited by wearing our cut resistant protective clothing!

• Ideal against a cutting attack with a knife or cutter knife.
• Stab-resistant as protection against attacks with broken beer glasses or broken glass bottles and also useful as personal protection against injuries caused by the jumping of glass panes in the glass industry or in the fire department.
• Also provides protection against bites of patients or dogs. The incisors can not pass through this cut-resistant tissue so that a dog can not bite open wounds.


This cut-resistant T-shirt is washable without losing its cut-resistant protection value after every washing. This makes it a sustainable product that you can use for years to come.


This cut-resistant T-shirt is machine washable up to 30 °