Bulletproof vest Pollux black NIJ-3A (04) GRAN

The bulletproof vest Pollux black level NIJ-3A (04) GRAN is one of the most popular stab and bulletproof vests that our customers buy. This body armour vest is very comfortable and can be concealed worn, almost invisibly under clothing. The black color is modern and fairly practical to use. The stab & bulletproof vest Pollux black level NIJ-3A (04) GRAN has a very good protection against bullets and also against stabbing with knives, spikes or other sharp objects and even against shrapnel. This is an excellent vest that offers general protection against the current threats of small arms, knives, needles and spikes. This new composition is much more than an old level NIJ-3A, but offers protection against a broad range of threats current days requested as anti-terror attack protection.

The stab and bullet proofvest Pollux level NIJ-3A (04) GRAN is a very effective solution for everyday use. The bullet proof vest Pollux offers optimum comfort, convenience and flexibility. It has been specially developed for discreet missions and concealed carry and is suitable for both men and women. The Pollux vest offers protection on the front and back and sides. The shoulder straps and belt are made of elastomeric material ensuring a feeling of comfort and incredible unparalleled freedom of movement. The model is also equipped with a Thermoliner based OUTLAST. A system of heat and sweat management based on an Outlast lining. This fabric has a temperature-regulating function that absorbs heat above 37 ° C to give the body temperature an effect of extra cooling, in addition to the excellent moisture absorption properties, the Pollux vest is highly breathable.

This Pollux NIJ-3A (04) GRAN offers a broader officially certified protection that is nowadays required as protection against terrorist attacks.

* Bulletproof NIJ-3A (04) (9x19mm-.44Magnum)

* Grenade shard resistant 17 grains FSP

* Stab proof against knives P1 / B 25 Joule

* Stab proof against SP 24 Joule stitches

* Cut resistant / slash proof

Bullet proof packages reference: NIJ-3A (04) GRAN
Protection levels
Handgun: The solution has been officially tested and meets the level 3A of the NIJ0101.04 American standard requirements. The solution protects against 9mm FMJ MC and .44magnum SJHP both (436 +/- 9) m / sec with a maximum of 44 mm as a back face signature or trauma. As a result of this standard, bullet-proof packages also protect against projectiles.22 Long Rifle, .38 ACP, .40 Smith & Wesson and .357 Magnum calibers. 9mm V50 from 525 to 538m / sec under the same standard


Grenade shards: 17 grains FSP (Fragment simulate Projectile) V50 of 605, 581, 616 and 591m / sec under the STANAG 2920 standard (Edition 3).
Knife stabbing: tested solution under HOSDB2007 English standard procedure with the P1 / B knife at 25 Joules with a maximum penetration of less than 20 mm. Also tested positive under the requirements of the American standard procedure NIJ0115.00 level II with the S1 / G knife at 33 and 50 Joules.
Spike and needles: Tested under the HOSDB2007 English standard procedure with the SP spike 24 Joules with a maximum penetration of 10 mm.

The Pollux cover is a very comfortable carrier. The elastic shoulder straps ensure that the vest gives in well with the movements that the body makes. This is especially interesting for people who are often in a vehicle or who have to drive a vehicle. The Pollux cover is machine washable up to 30 ° C. The Pollux cover is available separately in case you need a spare cover. Often two covers are worn alternately when one is washed, then the other can carry me. Black is easy to maintain and does not get so dirty quickly!

Fit and buy this bulletproof vest. At the VBR-Belgium store you can choose this bulletproof vest, fit on site if the size is right and buy immediately with cash or bankcard and take it home. We have all sizes of the Pollux NIJ-3A (04) GRAN stab & bulletproof vests in stock in our store.