Black with aramid reinforced T-shirt

Price = 89.95 Euro

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Typical black with aramid  reinforced T-shirt  with black cotton outer layer and yellow aramid along the inside.

50% Cotton
50% DuPont ™ Kevlar® fibers


The aramid is cut resistant level 2 that protects against cutting with glass shards or pocket knives. Aramid is also fire resistant and prevents fire from burning into the skin. Reduces the burn wounds.

This is the VBR-Belgium version of the well-known and inexpensive slash resistant aramid T-shirt that has already been worn by various security services. It is an affordable solution for young security officers or security guards.

These black aramid T-shirts were made under the brand VBR-Belgium and the aramid raw material is from an American firm. Multiple aramid T-shirts can be ordered at VBR-Belgium.

The outer side of this aramid T-shirt is made of black cotton and looks like a regular black T-shirt. The aramid feels soft on the skin. Black aramid reinforced T-shirt is made of two layers and offers heat, cut-resistant protection against glass shards and pocket knives. A stab-proof protection against stabbing with broken glass and a fire-resistant protection against the burning of polyester clothing in the skin. Protection against fire at Christmas festivities, fire bombs or fireworks.