Black thin Kevlar T-shirt VBR-Belgium

Price = 147 Euro

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This thin black cut-resistant T-shirt from VBR-Belgium. 3 Way protection; fire-resistant, slash-resistant and crack-resistant. Ideal to wear during the summer. Provides protection against cuts by an attack with a knife, or a broken glass bottle.


This thin black cut resistant T-shirt from VBR-Belgium is made from a new kind of colored Kevlar from the American firm Dupont. This cut-resistant T-shirt is made from just 1 layer and is relatively thin and light to wear. The Kevlar that is used has a 3 Way Protection; fire-resistant, cut-resistant and crack-resistant.



This thin black cut resistant T-shirt from VBR-Belgium is ideal to wear during the summer and offers a cut resistance level 2. This is an elementary protection for a thin summer slash resistant T-shirt that is mainly aimed at reducing the injury or even prevent it if someone takes out with a knife or a broken glass bottle. The cut-resistant protection covers the entire surface.

This black cut-resistant T-shirt also slows down to a limited extent, self-extinguishing and heat-resistant up to 200 ° C. It also has good traction resistance, which prevents tearing.



The advantage of this thin black Kevlar cut-resistant T-shirt from VBR-Belgium is that it is not thicker than a regular T-shirt and the cut resistance is sufficient against the most commonly used pocket knives and also against stabbing with a broken glass or bottle.