Black cut and slash resistant T-shirt CCP VBR-Belgium

Professional black cut-resistant T-shirt against a knife attack brand VBR-Belgium English -Engels

Price 175 Euro for children’s sizes

Price 179 Euro for adult sizes XS-3XL for women and men

This black cut resistant T-shirt is a serious and practical protection against attacks with a knife or glass shard. Extremely suitable against attacks with cutter knives.

This professional black slash resistant T-shirt level 5 is ideal for security or security guards and fits well with black security pants or black equipment.

This cut-resistant t-shirt with short sleeves differs from other cut-resistant T-shirts because it is made of three layers. This is a construction requirement of many international security services that demand that the fiberglass-reinforced cut-resistant fabric is always safely protected between two layers. The outer layer is a soft Coolmax layer that can be printed, the middle layer is the cut resistant Cutyarn layer (Cut resistant Yarns) level 5 and the inside has a polyester mesh layer.

By using an outer Cool fiber  layer, a moisture-regulating effect is achieved and this cut-resistant T-shirt remains relatively fresh in the summer and in winter it is very comfortable to wear. Remember that many cheaper cut-resistant T-shirts either have a much lower protection value or have no Cool fiber max layer at all.

The cut-resistant protection covers the entire surface of the T-shirt (torso, shoulders and short sleeves). This is a professional cut-resistant T-shirt that is already worn by various security services in different countries in Europe and in America! It is a serious and practical protection that significantly reduces the risk of cuts.

The T-shirt can be worn comfortably on the skin like a regular polyester T-shirt and does not cause friction wounds under the armpits. This cut-resistant T-shirt / sweater is thicker than a regular T-shirt but the Cool fiber prevents the T-shirt from feeling warm. It can also be worn under clothing during the winter, and the cut-resistant protection can significantly reduce or even prevent any cuts from attack with knives or broken glass.
The T-shirt is machine washable at 30 °.
This cut-resistant T-shirt is a standard cut-resistant T-shirt that is normally always present in stock or in our store vbrbelgium can be fitted or ordered online in our webshop.